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Selected Exibitions

1983 The Student's Union Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1989 Gallery in the house of Djura Jaksic, a famous poet of the 19th century's Serbia

1990 Gallery "BIGZ", Valjevo, Serbia

1991 Gallery in The House of Djura Jaksic, Belgrade

1991 Gallery of the Public Library of Belgrade, Serbia

1992 The National Museum in Valjevo, Serbia

1997 Ziegler-Hughes Gallery, Edmonton, Canada

1998 Paperboys, Edmonton

2000 Gallery 124, 124 Street, Jasper Ave, Edmonton, Canada

2005 Stanley Milner Library, Main Floor Gallery, Edmonton, Canada

2006 Eric's Gallery, Edmonton

2007 Eric's Gallery, Edmonton

2010 The National Museum Of Valjevo, Valjevo, Serbia

2010 The Cultural Centre of Sabac, Sabac, Serbia

2012 Jubilee Auditorium, KAASA Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Selected Group Exibitions

1983 "N.O.B.E.L.I.N.A. (New Artistic Hopes of Belgrade, Culture Centre)

1984 " 1984 Together '84" in Sarajevo, BIH, Yugoslavia

1984 Belgrade '84", a prestigious exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia

1985 Belgrade '85 upon invitation at this annual exhibition

1989 Art gallery "Astrapas" in Nis, Serbia, Yugoslavia

1989 "The Atrium Gallery", Belgrade

1992 The annual "October Art Salon", Kovin, Yugoslavia

1995 "Out of Canada/Displaced", Latitude 53, Edmonton, Canada

1996 "Mysterious Signature", Harcourt Gallery, Edmonton, Canada

1996 "Figurative/Portrait", Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

1996 Serendipity Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

1996 Latitude 53, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

1997 Pentington, British Columbia, Canada

1997 Latitude 53, Edmonton, Canada

1998 Latitude 53, Edmonton, Canada

1998 Curator's Choice, Latitude 53, Edmonton, Canada

2000 Gallery 124, 124 Street, Jasper Ave, Edmonton, Canada

2003 Spectrum Gallery, Edmonton, Canada

2005 Urban Roots, Edmonton

2010 AGA, A creative Cause Event, donors for the homeless