Peca Rajkovic-Biography

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, on March 21, 1957, Peca completed his education at the University of Belgrade. He studied painting at the Faculty of applied Arts, in the class of Professor Vlada Todorovic. During the five-year tenure at the University, he worked on traditional techniques of easel painting and drawing. In addition, he explored other painting techniques such as mosaic, al secco, al fresco, sgraphito, the all kinds of tempera, including the art of iconopainting. In his painting, Mr. Rajkovic has chosen to work in techniques of oil, emulsion tempera, and combination of the two. In his Drawings, however, Peca prefers to express himself mostly through blending the mediums of watercolours and quill.

After his exhibition in the "House of Djura Jaksic" in 1991, he was awarded an opportunity to present his work in "Knjizevna Rec"(The Literary Word), a magazine that covers the Yugoslavian cultural and artistic sphere. Another published review features his 1992 exhibition in the National Museum in Valjevo, called "Drawings From the Wonderland", that casts a light upon the most significant art contributions of the year. This review was written by Gordana Stanisic-Ristovic, the curator of the National Museum in Belgrade, the most significant cultural institutions in Yugoslavia. Mr. Rajkovic has left behind three public murals in Belgrade ( 5x4 meters in size each ), five mosaics that were purchased by private patrons (ranging from 120x80 to 230x160 cm ), and a massive collection of oils and drawings. Peca has involved himself in painting religious icons throughout all his years of creating art, and some have been seen in Canada. In 1992 the religious and educational community "St. Sava" in Edmonton was looking across Canada for an artist who would be able to paint the iconostase of their church in the pure Byzantine style. After a futile search that lasted over one year, the representatives of the community made a contact with Mr. Rajkovic. He was chosen as a one of the most knowledgeable in that field. During 1994, Peca completed the iconostase, which contains twenty three icons. He also made five mosaics, two of which for the same church. One of them was dedicated to the patron of the church, "St. Sava", and placed in the arch, above the main entrance. (12904-112 Street) The work on the iconostase was highly regarded and gained positive reviews on behalf of those who commissioned the work, as well as on behalf of the Association of the Orthodox Clergymen of Edmonton.