Peca Rajkovic-Biography

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, on March 21, 1957, Peca completed his education at the University of Belgrade. He studied painting at the Faculty of applied Arts, in the class of Professor Vlada Todorovic. During the five-year tenure at the University, he worked on traditional techniques of easel painting and drawing. In addition, he explored other painting techniques such as mosaic, al secco, al fresco, sgraphito, the all kinds of tempera, including the art of iconopainting. In his painting, Mr. Rajkovic has chosen to work in techniques of oil, emulsion tempera, and combination of the two. In his drawings, however, Peca prefers to express himself mostly through blending the mediums of watercolours and quill.

He has had numerous exhibitions in Canada, and abroad. He now lives in Canada.