Print/Rundle's Mission
                            The renaissance of the historic site Rundle's Mission at Pigeon
                                lake started at the end of year, 2000.  Almost immediately I
                                became their official designer.  At the beginning of 2001 I created
                                logo, 20 informational panels and main entrance sign.
  For the panels, the client wanted design that would be 
different and for eyes attractive. For that purpose, I took
photos made in the area and put them in order that create
the own story. Using them as background I got visual
dimension that contributes the story. For the work
I received excellent comments and my nameis printed in
the credits panel in the group of "The contributions of the following are gratefully acknowledged". The panels were printed on Salsa digital press on
plastic decals,
w:80cm x h:60cm, 4 colour process.

To see the panels click on pink dots on the right